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Current Status and Support
This project was initiated by Dmitry Kryukov, who implemented it up to Patchlevel 12. In the beginning of 1997, the project was handed over to a work group coordinated by Alex Tutubalin. The latest version of the documentation is available at; the distribution and auxiliary files are at the ftp site of the project.

If you have encountered some problems with installation or configuration of the server, you may get in touch with the project coordinator.

If you want to discuss something in detail, the best place for it is the mailing-list of the project. You can subscribe to it by sending the line 'SUBSCRIBE apache-rus' in the message body by the address The archive of this mailing-list is accessible via WWW.

If you want to receive only information concerning new versions and removal of bugs but do not want to read any discussion on them, subscribe to the mailing-list where information about new versions is placed. For this purpose, send the line 'SUBSCRIBE apache-rus-announce' in the body of the E-mail message by the address To unsubscribe, send 'UNSUBSCRIBE <list-name>' by the same address.

Feel free to inform us of any bugs and shortcomings. The only way to reveal them is wide-scale testing, which cannot be performed by the developers themselves.

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